Fokker S11.1 Instructor PH-SLO ( E38 in the Royal Dutch Air force, nr. 198 in the Royal Dutch Navy).

The PH-SLO (derived from Sloots) was purchased in 1975 by my father Henk Sloots and I took over the airplane December 5th 2003.


Home base is the airport of  Stadtlohn-Vreden on the Dutch/German borderline near the city of Winterswijk.


On the website of the Fokker Four Foundation you can find more information (unfortunately in Dutch language only) about the S11. Please click on their web link on the left.

You can read the Flying Manual  but keep in mind that its only available in the Dutch language.

News ! On March 26th 2005 my Fokker has undergone  a  metamorphosis. Air force stickers are applied so the aircraft will have the Air force appearance again. The pictures below  will give you an impression. Many thanks for this major job to Laurent Grobben, airforce technician and also to mr. Savio Davids.

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